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Rasht – Astara Railway

Project Summary: 

Rasht – Astara 152 km New Tracking. The length of plain is 155 km and the length of foothills are 12 km.

Aim is to increase the potential of transport of commodities and passengers according to the 20 year Railway objectives. This track begins at Rasht station and passes Rezvanshahr and Hashtpar ends at Astara Port. 

This rail road link is important as it will significantly facilitate and expedite exchange of good and trade amongst Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. Based on Iran-Azerbaijan bilateral discussions and considering the different gauge tracks in each country, it is imperative to build a 6 km track in Azerbaijan to link Iranian grid to Azerbaijani transfer hub and a 3 km track in Iran to link the Azerbaijani grid to Iranian transfer hub. This project includes a 100 meter Astrarachai border bridge. The economic feasibility studies, environment impact studies and traffic forecast studies are completed. Certain right to use authorization must still be secured from local farmers. This project is offered on design and build basis.

ost of the route is in Gilan Province passing between the Caspian Sea and the mountainous area through lush plains. 9 Stations  -  Level 1 =1 , level 2= 4 , Level 3 = 4

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Project Description
Project ID: 
Project Sub-Area: 
Project Legnth (KM): 
Estimated Annual Services Capacity: 

6 million ton  

Cargo:  1st year = 4.7 ton ;  20th year= 12.7 Million  Ton

Passenger:  1st year = 0.157 million passengers ;  20th year 0.331 million passengers

Project Type: 
Project Location: 
Province: Gilan Venue of General Dept.: Main cities on the route: Talesh
Concession period: 
Total Investment (million € ):