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Gorgan -Bojnourd – Mashhad Railway

Project Summary: 

This plan secured authorization in 2000 and is registered (registration no. 40701061) in the annual budget regulation.

 Currently, four competent consultants are preparing the detailed design and mapping of the project.

 Given the environmental sensitivity of the area, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been carried out. Further environmental studies will carried out.

 In parallel with developing this railway route, studies are underway for the development of stations.

 Obtaining foreign financing is part of the organization’s agenda. 


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Project Description
Project Sub-Area: 
Estimated Annual Services Capacity: 
  1. 6.5 million ton/passengers

1st year of operation 4 mT;     20th year  7     mT (million ton cargo)

1st year of operation 2.5 mP;  20th year  4.4 mP (million ton passengers)

Project Type: 
Project Delivery Framework: 
Total Investment (million € ): 
€1 084