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Doroud – Khoram Abad – Andimeshk Railway

Project Summary: 

This railway route shall provide the capital city of Lorestan Province (which is the principal passenger and cargo center of the province) with rail road coverage while creating over 367 direct employment opportunities during the operational phase. 

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Project Description
Project Sub-Area: 
Estimated Annual Services Capacity: 

1.8 million ton/passengers

Million ton Cargo

Million Ton Passenger

1st year of operation 2.5 mT;  5th year 10.7 mT ;  15th year 14.2 mT ;  20th year  15.9 mT (million ton cargo)

1st year of operation 1.3 mP;  5th year  1.5  mP ;  15th year    2    mP;  20th  year    2.2 mP (million ton passenger)

Project Type: 
Project Delivery Framework: 
Concession period: 
Total Investment (million € ): 
€1 114