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Sirjan – Bandar Abbas Expressway

Project Summary: 

Sirjan-Bandar Abbas freeway is one the most important transit road linking the Bandar Abbas to mainland Iran.

Sirjan is situated in Kerman province adjacent province to Hormozgan and transited cargos should be transported through this province to the north of the country. Putting into operation of Sirjan-Bandar Abbas freeway drastically reduces the transportation time between these two points from ٥ hours to ٢ hours. An estimated ٤٥٠٠٠ trucks operate in this route on a daily basis.

Experts believe that operation of this route can improve the safety of cargo transportation and reduce the time for movement of cargo and passengers and promote the services rendered for cargo transit.

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Project Description
Project ID: 
Project Legnth (KM): 
Estimated Annual Services Capacity: 

Capacity: 50,000 AADT (vpd )
AADT (vpd ):
1st year of operation 5,000;   10th year 9,000;   20th year 16,000 light vehicles.
1st year of operation  5,000;  10th year  8,000;  20th year  15,000 heavy vehicles.


Project Type: 
Project Delivery Framework: 
Project Location: 
Kerman Province - Hormozagan Province
Total Investment (million € ): 
€1 075