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Shiraz – Boushehr Expressway

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Bushehr-Shiraz freeway is located in Bushehr and Shiraz provinces and is a part of “Tehran-Bushehr port countrywide freeway. Total length of this freeway is about 221m km and starts from Shiraz bypass road. The design speed for this freeway is set at 130 km/h for level (41%) and rolling terrain (12%) is set at 110 Km/h and for mountainous (47%) terrain is 80 Km/h. By considering design speed and terrain type the maximum allowable longitudinal grade is 6% and the minimum curve radius is 32 m. This freeway has two lane with total width of 7.3 m and usable right shoulder at least 3.0 m in both direction, as well as 1.2 meter left shoulder. Total length of special bridges is 3,775 m and the largest bridge is 280 m.

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Shiraz Province - Bushehr Province
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