Ministry of Roads & Urban Development

Deputyship of Transportation Planning & Economics
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Deputy for Planning and Transport Economy

The Deputy of Planning and Transport Economy plays a strategic role in the Ministry of Roads and Transportation. The main responsibilities and duties of this deputy are as follows:

  • Studying and arranging the comprehensive, coordinate and strategic plans in transport sector
  • Analyzing the needs and identifying all services and capacities of the country's transportation system and preparing the strategic plans and providing and presenting general deliberate and economic recommendations to the related organizations
  • Arranging the criteria and standards and proposing the necessary policies in order to encourage the non-government sector for investment and gathering the domestic and foreign resources in transport fields
  • Management of transportation information and providing the statistics for system of decision making, planning, supervision and evaluation
  • Analyzing the plans of the subsections and consolidating them in the frame work of strategic plans and giving the expertise opinion for technical and economic aspects
  • Presenting the strategic plans needed for increasing the share of the transportation in the country's economy
  • Supervision and managing the international affairs of each one of the transport sectors in bilateral, regional and international activities
  • Managing the congressional affairs of the Ministries, affiliated organizations and companies and Secretariat of the High Council for Coordination of the Country's Transportation

The Deputy consists of five departments of :

  • Planning and Consolidating Projects Department
  • Economic Affairs, Investment and Partnership Department
  • International Affairs and Exporting Technical and Engineering Services Department
  • Congressional Affairs Department and Secretariat of High Council for coordination of the Country's Transportation
  • Transportation Information and Statistics Department