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Road Heavy Vehicles Renovation


The situation of road fleet in the country is represented in the table below. it is demonstrated that yearly 3.3  billion usd is needed in order that the country meet its road fleet renovation plan. in this sector the government welcomes the presence and activity of international and regional transportation & logistics companies especially 3PL logistics companies.

  available fleet Average Age in 2015 Targetted Age in 2025

Number of worn out vehicle

Yearly Renovation Plan Projected Yearly Private Sector Investment (billion $)
Cargo Trucks & Trailers 422890 17.7 15 129705 (age of burnout: 25)  15,000  2.7
Non-Urban Bus 20579 13.7 11 6797 (age of burnout:15)   1,200  0.36
Mini-Bus 39107 25.5 11 29060 (age of burnout:15)   3,500  0.24

These recyclable vehicles have created a brilliant opportunity for the automobile production and sales companies, providing appropriate conditions such as selling or leasing, banking facilities with convenient repayment period, would provide possibility of great advantages to the investors. Having prepared the framework based on Iran laws, the RMTO announces readiness to collaborate all types of cooperation with the proposers provide best alternative plan.

Cargo Transport Companies

Right now over 4000 cargo transport companies are active in Iran, carrying over 380 million MT commodities nationwide, per year. These companies, from the point of geographical scope of activity are categorized in terms of county, provincial and nationwide and issue bill of loading under certain condition,  included over 27 million pages per year. All of these companies are Iranian nationals and are able to carry variety of goods from the origin ports to destinations. Over 860 international transport companies are active in the scope of overseas transport and carry over 4.6 million MT from domestic ports to destinations of European, central Asian and neighboring countries. Carrying all heavy and semi heavy cargos in domestic roads is done by domestic cargo transport companies.Large scaled companies, also known as domestic global companies are permitted to operate and issue bill of lading nationwide in all scopes and the whole goods type. Having received nationwide permission of issuing bill of lading, should have extensive facilities. Nationwide transport companies incorporate two major specification makes them different  with other companies:

  • Number of owned and covered trucks.
  • The possibility of having agencies nationwide.
Passenger Transport Companies
Over 2000 passenger transport companies are active in Iran that carry over 200 million passengers within 18 million trips by public transport fleet. By end March 2014, 26 international passenger transport companies are realized that have carried 422793 passenger within 29389 overseas trips. The international road passenger transport company is a legal entity realized based on the national commerce law and the rule of establishment and operation of passenger transport company to carry rural passenger transport company and is licensed by Road Maintenance and Transport Organization.  Large - scaled companies that are able to provide more specific options, can definitely increase the range of their activities.