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Ports and Maritime Organization




Ports and Maritime Organization

Establishment Date: 1964
Managing Director: Mohammad Saiednezhad
Tel:                         +98 21 84932231
Fax: +98 21 84932248
Address: Southern Didar St., Shahid Haghani Expressway, Vanak Sq., Tehran‐Iran, PC :1518663111


Ports & Maritime Organization

  On Oct. 31 st,1964, the maritime law of Iran including 914 articles was put into effects, and on Jul. 3rd, 1966, the present ports and shipping organization together with its staff, budget and properties was separated from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. On Feb. 2nd, 1969, the organization gained the status of a legal entity and its functions, rights, and organizational chart were formally declared. Internal regulations on financials transactions and on the employment of staff of the organization were approved respectively on 14Jun. and 28 Jul, 1970. The organization was separated again from the Ministry of Finance and was transferred to the Ministry of Roads and transportation in 1974.     

According to Terms of Refference of Ports & Maritime Organization the Activities of Organization is as below:

  • Administration of ports as well as commercial maritime affairs of the country;
  • Construction, completion, and development of building, repair yards, and related  equipment in ports and their utilization;
  • Preparation, formulation, and enforcement of port, maritime, and commercial shipping regulations according to respective laws;
  • Regulation of pilotage subject to the approval of the Supreme Council of the Organization ;
  • Administration of loading, discharging, and handling of cargo in port areas and warehousing in the ports of the country where the Organization has a department or branch; 
  • Administration of telecommunication networks (radio, telegraphy, telephone, teletype, etc.) at sea and on land for making contact with vessels and affiliate  ports as well as preparation and supply of related equipment in collaboration with the Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone;
  • Through  control of coastal and commercial shipping and striving to develop them and securing safety of traffic and coastal shipping activities; 
  • Erection and operation of navigational lights and buoys to secure the safety of maritime traffic; 
  • Registration of Iranian commercial, cruise and other vessels and implementation of related regulations; 
  • Granting technical certificates of competency to seamen and vessels according to related regulations;
  • Collection of port and river duties and charges for loading, warehousing, and other port dues normally collected by PSO or other governmental organizations on behalf of PSO;
  • Putting into effect the Iranian Maritime Law and performing the functions laid down in the law establishing the PSO and other related laws;
  • Examination of draft international  agreements and treaties concerning port and maritime affairs, and commercial navigation in order to present them to the relevant authorities;
  • Control of railways from the point of entrance into the port areas to the point of exit from the port, and dispatching wagons and locomotives to open storage areas and sheds;
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