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Iran Railways In 2025


Vision of RAI : 

Creating a modern, progressive and efficient rail transport system 
so that in passenger, freight and entire railway, system, human sources and global dimension, the following conditions are realized:

1. Passenger:

  • Establish the most efficient suburban railway system and trains in the country.
  • Create wide high speed lines in the country.
  • Create an integrated rail transport system with other suburban and urban transport models in physical and software terms of view.
  • Change the structure and application of the railway passenger stations in so far as to become a privileged brand.
  • Become the first choice of people, in terms of quality and quantity of trips.


​2. Freight and entire railway (freight, passenger and infrastructure):

  • Satisfy all customers' requirements (becoming the most customer-focused railway in the world).
  • Create a sense of loyalty in the customers.
  • The railway system can easily be accessed by the main centers of production and absorption of freight and passenger.
  • Competitiveness with road and air in transportation of freight and passenger due to high utility of the passenger and freight trains (speed, safety, price, services, door-to-door, customer-focused, social class, easiness of using trains, etc.).
  • Gain the highest safety standards compared to other countries
  • Railway to become one of the important pillars of the economy.
  • Attract the domestic and foreign investors to invest in various sectors of railways.
  • All train routes around the cities cross beautiful, clean and eye-catching areas, and railway create come of the sights around its routes
  • To be a prominent symbol of being environmentally friendly and using clean energy.
  • Respect the comfort and rights of the people living near the rail lines.


3. System and human sources:

  • The employees to be proud of working in this company, have strong organizational bias and together pursue a single goal.
  • Working in this company to be among the wishes of professors, experts, and the elites graduated from the first-rate universities in the country.
  • Rule of criterion, meritocracy and health in all the affairs with equal scientific, specialty, physical and spiritual growth for all the people.
  • Complete satisfaction of all private and public sectors related to railway in the field of implementation, research, training, etc. and desire to continuation and execution of activities.
  • Railway to serve as a model in terms of speed in fulfilling the administrative and all social affairs.
  • Minimum failure (prevention instead of repair), zero delay, zero dissatisfaction, etc. in all aspects.
  • Having the most strong managerial staff and human resources, observing systematic managerial principle in all areas.


4. Global dimension:

  • Achieve the highest rail transit share in the entire region comparing with the other transit routes in Iran.
  • Achieve management development and unique technologies at global level.
  • Maximum use of the rail related international organizations.
  • Become an issuer of rail management knowledge.

Planned Targets:

  2015 2025
Total Railways Length (Km) 13600 20000
Double Tracked Railways (Km) 1900 5800
High Speed Lines Length (Km) 0 1000
Electrified Railways Length (Km) 150 2000
Cargo Ton-Km  (Billion) 30 120
Passenger-Km  (Billion) 20 40
Share of Railway in Cargo Transportation Mix 11% 30%
Share of Railway in Passenger Transportation Mix 12% 18%
Share of Railway in Cargo Transit 5% 30%
Cargo Wagons (Quantity) 24000 32000
Passenger Wagons (Quantity) 2400 4100
Locomotives (Quantity) 500 800
Average Age of Cargo Wagons (Years) 22 15
Average Age of Passenger  Wagons (Years) 29 15
Average Age of Locomotives (Years) 29 25


Objectives of RAI from New Line Double-tracking Projects and Electrification projects:

•Increased running speed of freight and passenger trains.
•Removal of capacity bottlenecks on the entire network.
•Increased safety and smooth mobility.
•Meeting the demands for freight and passenger transportation by the end of 2025.
•Connection of freight & passenger hubs to the throughout railways network.
•Completion and development of freight transit routs in the existing network.