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Deputyship of Transportation Planning & Economics
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Expressways` Investment Incentives



The Negotiable  Incentives for Investors to Invest in Iran`s Expressways Developement are:

  1. Undertaking The Land Acuizition Responsibility & Costs.
  2. Viability Gap Funding Up to 30% of Capex Proportionate To Project Cunstruction Progress.
  3. Granting Machinary Fuel & Bitumen For Pavement of Expressway
  4. Facilitating & Licensing For Ancillary Service Center Business
  5. Guarantee in Contract Clauses for Freely Pricing of Real Tolls (or at least increasing as much as Inflation rate)
  6. Government Guarantee for Non-Commercial  Risks According to FIPPA Act
  7. Granting Perfect Authority to Investor in Selecting the Construction, Maintenance and Operation Contactors and Sub-contractors.
  8. Guarantee for Funding in the Project`s Operation Period (based on the difference between unticipated & realised traffic.)
  9. Oil Ministry Guarantee for Funding in the Operation Period (as much as the value of saved fuel due to shortening the rout)
  10. Granting Land Use Right for Other Residentual / Recreational Project`s Construction licence in Vicinity of Project Route.
  11. Facilitating the Low-Cost Import of Construction Machinary. (Correspondence with Customs Authorities)
  12. Facilitating Currency Transfer and Debt Financing through Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions.
  13. Extending the Operation Period in case of not Perfectly Depreciation of Investment (principal & interest) or Lump sum Redemption of Undepreciated Receivables