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About Iranian Airports Holding Company

Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAC) is a wholly owned entity of the Iran Civil Aviation Organization which operates airports in Iran. It also manages the flagship Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport and Tehran Mehrabad International Airport. It operates all the Airport Tower around Iran as well as Iranian Radar control. Its headquarters is located at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport but it has offices at all Airports in Iran.
Air transport industry offers new ways to provide employment & trade as well as good opportunities to exchange information while causes people to become familiar with other cultures and different customs. Therefore, paying attention to the aviation industry and its role in social and economic development and social justice has been among the main policies of the government.
The geopolitical position of I.R of Iran taking transit flights path into consideration and the stable source of income that can be brought to the country
Strategic advantages compared with other modes of air travel transportation
The existence of strong tourism attractions in the country and an extensive network of airports that may be used in this context
The high number of Iranians abroad and their potentials for communication, travel and investment in the country
High demand for air transportation in the country and prediction of its increase due to changes in economic conditions and increased population
The high number of airlines and the desire for more investment in this sector which can lead to increased competition and improve the level of services in this sector
Investment Opportunities at Iran Airports Company
  • Construction, expansion and reconstruction of airport infrastructures (cargo & passenger Terminals, aprons, taxiways …)
  • Constructing Logistic Facilities & Airport Sites (maintenance centers, catering, handling, …)
  • Constructing Commercial & Welfare Sites (Commercial Complexes, airport hotels, …)
  • Constructing Service Sites (car parking, carwash, gas stations, …)
  • Constructing Training Centers  (Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Crews, …)