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New Cities Infrastructure Superstructure Development Investment in Iran
1,260,000,000 €
Tiss New Town is situated at Oman seaside. It has access to free waters of the Indian Ocean. A regional railroad network passes through the city and its close proximity to Chabahar Free Zone gives it a privileged geopolitical situationin south‐... Read More
127,000,000 €
This project will be developed in Pardis New Town with a total area of 3,600 Hectare including 6 residential phases and 3 phases of Research, Industry and Tourism zones. After more than 20 years, the number of inhabitants in this important new town... Read More
594,000,000 €
In the New Town of Parand, 40 hectares of land is designated to the Islamic Bazaar in the 4th phase of the city. This bazaar is close to the metro, residential and commercial areas.
35,300,000 €
"Majlesi" New Town with high percentage of green area per capita, benefits from clean air and ideal for residential development. Given the proximity of this town to the industrial hub, the rail connection to a main city such as Isfahan ,... Read More
35,300,000 €
This project will be developed within a 35 hectare area south of Hashtgerd new town. This project is a representation of a sustainable, HSE compliant and optimum energy consumption project that also has the national and international scale in the... Read More
76,000,000 €
This project will be built in an area of 254,700 square meters with an initial capital of 17.4 Million Euros. This project is intended to function at the regional level. The project is scheduled for 19 years (4 years for construction and 15 years... Read More
1,400,000,000 €
This project will be built in an area of 65,117 square meters in city scale. The B.L.O.T method is used to finance the project. The project is scheduled for 18 years (3 years for construction and 15 years for operation phase).The expected payback... Read More
589,000,000 €
The Western and Eastern Plots of this project (or about 440 Hectares of the project) are being developed. This project is situated on prime property and selling the property or the final services (such as commercial, offices, publicservice and... Read More
22,300,000 €
the objective of the wellness park is to provide green breathing in a city, to positively affect the moral of the residents and to improve the air quality. the wellness park, with an area of over 22 hectares, is in Binalood New Town and it is... Read More
49,000,000 €
Towers complex of central axis of Baharestan consist of 3 separate projects, presents a qualitative vision from Baharestan New Town extent in association with sustainable housing supply. This project includes high quality housing types and... Read More